Project HaHa

If one were to build the house of happiness, the largest space would be the waiting room
Jules Renard

Project HaHa welcomes you to an upside-down world. A fertile, green landscape that sews together the silence of possibility and the noise of waiting.

This is an ironic and hallucinogenic exploration of our desire to be happy now.

So eat your pill. Let’s put flowery dresses on and build a house. We will not just sit and study little things. We’ll look straight into the sun. Imagine if, for one instance, gravity could disappear…

Using naive and manic physicality and hypnotic images, RemoteControl is gripped in a dance macabre with joy.

Spring: The Point

Our first residency began at the Point in Eastleigh.

The Point was to point out
the point of being happy.
And we pointed it out with our bodies.
RemoteControl Theatre

Summer: Owl Barn

Project HaHa in Gloucestershire as Artists-in-Residence at Owl Barn.

In the late summer at the countryside,
The sun rises high and the birds fly by.
The tomatoes are sweet and the puppies soon gone.
RemoteControl Theatre

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We spent one month developing the show in the Gloucestershire countryside at Owl Barn.

We also held workshops for local community groups from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds.

Winter: Dansearena Nord

In Norway with Project HaHa, as Artists-in-Residence at Dansearena Nord in Hammerfest.

It's dark and it's getting darker. light rails, shifting, swinging, drifting, dyed in green, yellow, pink, blue.